Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Game 6 tonight!

Yep, Game 6 is tonight. It's win or go home for Buffalo, while win or Game 7 for Carolina.
Bad news: Teppo Numminen might be back tonight. If he does, this would be a big help to Buffalo and their defense, because they've been strung kind of thin with injuries. Hopefully, for the Canes, he won't be back, but if he is, the Canes will just have to adjust.
NHL.com had an interesting article on Cam Ward and Glen Wesley. (mainly on Ward though) Here's Eric Staal on Ward:
"We remain unsure that Cam even possesses a pulse,"

I think that's kinda cool.

In other, non Carolina/Buffalo news, Saku Koivu's eye is better, which is good for him. It's never good when a guy goes out with an injury (ok, so it was good for the Canes when they played Montreal, but in the long-term, it's not good).

Game 6 tonight. Watch it!

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