Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Do NOT Agitate the Caniac

I am NOT in a good mood today. Wanna know why? The Canes lost in OT 2-1. (and I broke my toe... but that's a story for after my rant)
I won't say that the Canes should've won this game - because they didn't play that great. Buffalo just outskated the Canes. The only thing that put this game into OT was Cam Ward. Without Ward and some of his saves, this game could've easily been a Buffalo blowout.
Who didn't help the Canes? I have a list:
Kevyn Adams - What was wrong with you? I love the Adams/Adams/Larose line, but not if you take penalties like you did. Roughing and Elbowing? I can think of no situation where you would be forced to take penalties like those. I do notice, though, on the shift chart for the game, that Laviolette didn't play you at all after that second penalty. Good call Laviolette.
Doug Weight - You are an idiot. A complete idiot. Why did you take a boarding penalty in OT? Why? You're, like, a million year veteran. YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER! Thanks to you, we now have a Game 7. Thanks a lot. Maybe we just should've let you rot in St. Louis.
The refs - Not calling the tripping/holding/interference/whatever penalty when Williams got pulled down in OT led the the Buffalo goal. Thanks. Of course, if the Canes had played the whole game, we wouldn't have to blame the refs.

I didn't want a Game 7, and I still don't want a Game 7, but guess what? We have a Game 7 on our hands. Interestingly enough, this is the first Game 7 in franchise history. And June 1 is the beginning of hurricane season. Which might have some karma going for the Canes, I don't know.
This is why we have home ice advantage.

Meanwhile, Doug Weight admits that he's thrilled for the Edmonton Oilers. Is this why you took that penalty, Doug? So you don't have to play all your Edmonton buddies in the final? CONSPIRACY THEORY! Doug doesn't want the Canes to play for the Cup because he secretly wishes he was traded back to the Oilers. Yeah...

So, Game 7 tomorrow. Win or go home for Canes and Buffalo (dur!).

Oh yeah! I broke my toe by walking with a plate of nachos and ramming my end toe into the couch leg. (contrary to the popular belief that I kicked the couch after the Canes lost) It hurts, but not that bad. It's not like breaking your jaw.

Speaking of breaking a jaw, Matt Cullen needs to play better. He's been nonexistent for the past few games. Actually, a lot of people need to play better. I think it would be nice if everyone on the Canes team got a point in the next game... in other words, I want the Canes to just beat the snot out of Buffalo.
I want that, but will it happen? We'll know after tomorrow...

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