Sunday, April 23, 2006

No! It wasn't supposed to happen this way!

Oh man, oh man. No no no no no no no no no no! Canes lost 6-1 to the Canadiens IN THE FRIGGIN PLAYOFFS! I would be in denial right now if I hadnt been there to see it. How could they? How could they lose? NOOOOOOOO!!!! *begins to hyperventilate*
*voice from nowhere* Ashley, CALM DOWN!
Ashley: *looks around* Who are you?
Voice: Your voice of reason.
Ashley: Okay...
Voice: Calm down. All is not lost.
Ashley: But they lost! TO MONTREAL! At home! In front of 18,812 rowdy Caniacs!
Voice: But, just remember, they must win four games to advance.
Ashley: You're right.
Voice: Now tell your loyal readers what happened in the game.
Ashley: OK, Morgan (who appears to be my only loyal reader). The Canes played like crap last night. They lacked on defense several times, but this is not the main reason they lost. The main reason they lost was a goalie named Martin Gerber. Gerber played horrible last night. He let in 6 goals on only 21 shots. That's a .714 save percentage. To compare, Cristobal Huet (Montreal's goalie) let in 1 goal on 43 shots. That's a .976 save percetage.
I know it was his first playoff game, but that's no real excuse. There is no real excuse. My solution: put Cam Ward in goal. I know, Ward is an untested rookie with numbers that look like crap. But do you want to put Gerber in if he has another game like that? I do not envy Coach Laviolette when he has to make that decision. At the very least, it should be a game-day decision. Gerber, when he was practicing before the beginning of the game, didn't look sharp whatsoever. He looks like that again, and I'd put in Cam Ward.
The offense wasn't that bad... they did get 43 shots on goal. But the killer was when the Canes didn't convert on a 5-on-3 that would have put them within one goal (at least). After watching the New Jersey game where 5 of Jersey's 6 goals came on the power play, it has been made crystal clear that the Canes need a better power play. The power play has been meager all year, and that is not good because playoffs games are reliant on special teams.
Canes just need to play better to win on Monday.


Anonymous said...

sorry about the game. how many games do the play before they can advance? so how was ur day. did it get any better.


Ashley said...

whichever team wins 4 games first advances.
yeah, my day got better. nothing reallly happened, but at least nothing bad happened, right?