Monday, April 03, 2006

Czech Condor Returns!

Hooray! Joe Vasicek is back!

For those of you ignorant people who don't follow hockey, Josef Vasicek was the leading scorer for the Carolina Hurricanes last season, and he totally blew his knee out in November. He's coming back in the game tonight v. Washington, which will hopefully be a big help to the Canes because they lost their last two games that they played against Washington... and they play the next two games against them too.
So I am happy, except for all these utterly stupid group projects at school. *grrr...*
And I would be a lot happier if Erik Cole was in the lineup tonight... and I would be a TON happier if I actually got some sleep last night... oh well

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Anonymous said...

hockey again. i think ur trying to convert people to follow ur hockish ways lol