Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Canes get # 2 seed, play Montreal

Canes lost to Buffalo 4-0. I'll be honest - they played like crap. Offense was terrible, as was defense. But more important is the playoff picture.
With Ottawa's win, the Canes sadly did not win the Eastern Conference. The first-round matchups look like this: #1 Ottawa v. #8 Tampa Bay, #2 Carolina v. #7 Montreal, #3 New Jersey v. #6 New York Rangers, #4 Buffalo v. #5 Philadelphia. The NHL playoffs are a best of 7 series, so the team to win four games first advances to the next round.
In the Ottawa/Tampa Bay game, I would think that the Canes would do better against the Ottawa Senators, so that's who I'm rooting for in that one. Seeing as the Sens swept the Lightning during the season, that's who'll probably win. (even with Hasek not fully healthy.)
In the Canes/Montreal, I obviously want the Canes to win. And (knock on wood) that's who I think will win because the Canes swept the Canadiens in the regular season.
In the New Jersey/Rangers game, I'm not quite sure who I want to win. Probably the Rangers because I just don't like New Jersey. They tied their season series, so I'm not sure who has the advantage. Probably Jersey, because they've been winning a lot, and they have home-ice advantage.
In the Buffalo/Flyers series, I probably would want... hmm... I'm not really sure who the Canes would do better against. Buffalo has good goaltending, but the Flyers always play a physical game. As for who will win - Buffalo won the season series 3-1, and they have home-ice advantage... but I can't help but have this feeling that Philly will win this one. Just a feeling, but who knows?
As for the Western Conference, I really have no idea/ I don't really care. The matchups are this: #1 Detroit v. #8 Edmonton, #2 Dallas v. #7 Colorado, #3 Calgary v. #6 Anaheim, #4 Nashville v. #5 San Jose

First game in the Canes' series is Saturday. Can't wait! I just hope they play better than last night.


david s. said...

see i read the first few sentences i think

david s. said...

man u like 2 talk about how much the canes sucked recently

Anonymous said...

i AGREE with david on this one