Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Remembering Joe Vasicek

Today was a horrible day for hockey. Early this morning a plane carrying the KHL Locomotiv team crashed, killing 43 on board. A selection of former NHL players were on board, including former Cane Josef Vasicek.

If you look at the archives of this blog (please don't, my writing was horrendous in high school), you'll probably find a lot of posts bemoaning his play as a Cane. But that neglects the person himself. Because when I heard the news this morning, and I thought about his time as a Cane I didn't think about the ice. I thought about the one season ticket holder event I went to, where I clearly remember my dad asking him about his knee rehab. I remember his big smile and how he softly answered that everything was well - a personalized response, despite the fact that he had probably been asked the same thing a hundred times already that night. A small moment for sure, but one that seems to sum up his personality. A much better remembrance is written here.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those on the plane. Hopefully happier times are ahead for the members of the global hockey family.

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