Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekly Recap: Let's just pretend those last two didn't happen

I'd be concerned if we lost by a significant margin to Edmonton, and the other two are toss-ups - hopefully we'll go 2-1 this week.
That was my hopeful prediction last week. The good news? We didn't lose to Edmonton, instead steamrolling them 7-1. The bad news? We got steamrolled by the two other teams we played - 8-1 by the Flyers on Thursday and 7-2 by the Canadiens on Saturday.

This is just depressing. Hooray, we can beat the second-worst team in the league. But, apparently, we can't hold a candle to anything close to the top of the standings. The Canes didn't just lose, they were demolished. The comparisons to last season are already forming in my head.

So let's talk about something else, why don't we? This past week the NHL released their new All-Star game format, which will debut in Raleigh. Essentially, instead of having East and West teams, or even North America/The World teams, the teams will be picked by two players sometime before the Game. Think high school gym floor hockey when you were picked second to last because you were both a girl and unpopular despite your superior knowledge of the game. Yeah, they're doing that in the pros.

Not entirely sure I like the concept - I hope it's pulled off well if only for the fact that this is the game that's being played in Raleigh. The best positive I can draw from the situation is that, with no conference-based teams, we don't have to worry about the NHL implementing a MLB-style All-Star Game where home field advantage is giving to the winning league. But it does nothing for for cheering on geographical rivalries. I mean, how do you decide who to cheer for? Motley group of All-Stars #1 or motley group of All-Stars #2? Probably whichever team @BizNasty2point0 is on. (If you don't know what I'm referring to, just click the link and find the awesomeness. And follow me on Twitter while you're at it.)

Back to the Canes. They currently have 16 points, placing them 4th in the Southeast and 11th in the East. They play Ottawa, Pittsburgh, and Nashville this week. They're getting Patrick O'Sullivan back from healthy-scratchness, and they picked up some random dude (Troy Bodie) off of waivers from Anaheim today. Not sure if either of those will help, but something has got to start the turnaround for the Canes this week.

Erik Cole stats (Tuesday): 1 goal
On the season: 4 goals, 5 assists

Chad LaRose stats (Tuesday): 1 goal
(Thursday): 1 goal
On the season: 4 goals, 4 assists

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