Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Man, it's boring around here

Well, it's been a while since I posted... primarily because there has been absolutely nothing interesting going on.

But to make it up to my loyal readers, here's a picture of an astronaut raising the Stanley Cup:

See, it's an away jersey because it's on the moon! Get it?

This is the reason you should not let me get near image editing software of any kind.

Anyways, I suppose some things have gone on, just nothing that is even remotely Canes related. Kovalchuk's contract was rejected by the NHL, but that story has dragged on far past its fifteen minutes in the spotlight (more like a three hour epic movie), so I'm pretty much uninterested. Other than that debacle, not much has gone on in the league, making for a pretty boring summer all around.

And, unfortunately, summer for myself is ending (although the offseason will continue to drag on) with a trip to college tomorrow. What does this mean for this blog? Well, I'm not entirely sure. Last year I attempted to post continual game recaps as I always did, but I think I fell short a little bit in that. This year I'm thinking maybe a weekly recap with the occasional post when something major happens. The goal is to give relatively timely updates and maybe increase the quality of said updates. But the season is still far away, so I'll see how that plan shapes up when it gets here...

And I'll definitely try and post more hockey and/or space themed clip art. Because that's looking awesome up there...

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