Wednesday, July 21, 2010

There goes the hopes for a Kovalchuk-free summer...

Soooooo, I take back that last post about Kovalchuk. Not because I said something that I now disagree with, just that the NHL rejected the 17-year monstrosity last night.

The reasoning behind the NHL's rejection is that the last few years at $500,000 were only tagged on to lower the overall cap hit on the contract - that no one really expects Kovalchuk to play into his forties.

Which, I think, is kind of obvious to all of us. But, why was Kovalchuk's contract rejected but Marian Hossa's of last year accepted? My theory is that the NHL wanted to nip these sorts of contracts in the bud before they become standard. That, and they really dislike the number seventeen.

Of course, none of that makes sense. Which is what will make what happens after this all the more interesting. Will the Devils submit a better, more realistic contract? Will the NHLPA file a grievance? Will Kovalchuk make it to the market again? All I can say is that summer just got a lot more interesting...

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