Friday, April 23, 2010

Playoff Recap and Stuff

Not much has been going on in the hockey world of late.

Ha! Gotcha! Just kidding. This has been one of the most interesting first rounds in a while - something like a bazillion overtimes - and the round isn't even over yet!

But first, some Canes news of the bland. Last week they signed Michal Jordan so he could join Albany's playoff run. It's probably only interesting in the fact that I'm sure everyone who read the name did a double take and wondered why we were signing an NBA superstar. But, hey, if he can go play baseball, why not hockey?

So back to the main event - NHL Playoffs. I never thought I would miss the VS TV channel - but oh, how I wish it was on my college cable package. Luckily the C[r]apitals games have been on Comcast, so I'm not completely cut off from the hockey of the season.

Only one team has hit the road so far, and it is a surprising one - the Philadelphia Flyers beat the New Jersey Devils in 5 games. The Devils were the heavy favorite over the extremely weak Flyers... but we as Caniacs are no strangers to the Devils being a heavy favorite in a series are we?

Pretty much every other series has been action-packed. It's interesting, because teams that were expected to dominate are doing no such thing, and those who were supposed to just roll over, well, haven't. Seriously, did you expect the Predators and Blackhawks to be tied 2-2? Or for Boston to be leading the Sabres? This had been an excellent first round - I can wait to see how it concludes!

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