Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Two big surprises to report today.

First of all, the Canes beat the C[r]apitals 6-3 on Monday night. Yes, you read that right. Our pathetic, last place team beat the top of the league team. And not just beat, but laid out an ultimate smackdown - the Canes were up 3-0 after the first!

And let me strike from the record the comments I had about Eric Staal playing wing in the last post. Eric Staal can play defense for all I care, if he puts up five points while doing so.

Seriously, I am absolutely floored that this team was able to beat Washington like this. I believe this was their first lost in the Southeast Division - can you believe it?

Another thing that really surprised me was the Olympic team selections that came out today. The Canadian Olympic Committee must have been watching this past game, as Eric Staal made the team. The Finnish Olympic Committe mustn't have watched any Canes games as Jussi Jokinen was not selected to the Finnish team with his counterparts Ruutu and Pitkanen.

I feel really bad for Jokinen because I feel that he has had an excellent season (especially for being on this team) and I think he should have been credited with a spot on the team.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and the Canes have their traditional game at the RBC Center. This year it's against the Rangers. Maybe the Canes will have some momentum going into it?

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