Monday, November 09, 2009

We've got us a new goalie...

Well, it looks like Cam Ward's going to be out 3-4 weeks, so faced with the prospect of an extended period with Michael Leighton and Justin Peters, the Canes went and signed Manny Legace to a two-way contract.

Really, I think the Canes should apologize to Legace for taking him from the winning AHL Chicago Wolves (winning being a relative word, as they are 5-7-1 on the season... but that just about blows us out of the water) and planting him on a miserable last place NHL team.

Although, it's a complete no-pressure situation for Manny, for if the Canes lose with him in goal then there's no way he can be pinned as the problem... and if somehow the Canes begin to win, he'll be hailed as a hero.

So congratulations on the signing, Mr. Legace. Don't expect that 3.21 GAA from the AHL to get much better on this team.

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