Sunday, November 01, 2009

This is just pathetic

Let me just say that I chose a very good season to go off to college. It's a good thing that I haven't watched any of the last nine games, I think I would be ready to kill right about now.

I mean, honestly, it's hard enough listening to Chuck Kaiton. Take the 5-2 loss to St. Louis. I turned on the game a little bit late... and the Canes were down by 3 goals. Who wants to even listen to a game when your team is already down by three goals, and considering their last few games probably has no chance of coming back?

Quite possibly the only good things about the 6-1 loss to Philly and the 5-1 loss to San Jose is that Brandon Sutter, who was called up after the Ruutu suspension, scored both goals in those games. That's more goals than he scored all of last season (1). Obviously someone doesn't want to go back to Albany - and with the way everyone else appears to be playing, I definitely don't think he should.

Nine losses. NINE LOSSES! Even typing that I can't belive how far we have fallen. What do you say after your hockey team has lost nine in a row? Well, golly gee, I sure hope we win the next one?

There are limits even to my optimism. We have to see a full 180-degree turnaround here. You don't lose nine in a row and just have a few things that need to be tweaked. Fundamentals need to be changed.

But I can't leave my loyal readers with that unhappy though. The Canes have depressed us enough. Here's the good news of the night: ERIK COLE IS BACK IN ACTION!!!!

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