Thursday, September 24, 2009

Preseason update

Well, we're right in the swing of the preseason now. On Monday the Canes dropped a game to Atlanta 4-2, with Brandon Sutter and Bryan Rodney notching scores. Considering I wasn't able to listen to the game and the recap is all of four paragraphs, I'm going to assume nothing exciting happened.

The goal by Rodney couldn't keep him in the big leagues, as he along with four others got sent to Albany on Tuesday.

Not reporting to Albany this year will be Anton Babchuk, who has supposedly signed in Russia for this season. Essentially the news of this was greeted by a *shrug* and a whatever from Jim Rutherford because that means Babchuk still doesn't have arbitration rights. So I'm thinking the Canes sit on his rights until a trade comes along or Babchuk wants to play under the contract the Canes give him. Either way the Canes have the upper hand and seem content to wait it out (especially because it looks like we might have a defense this year!).

Aaannndddd... that's all for now, folks! Canes play Atlanta again tomorrow at the RBC Center!

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