Monday, May 11, 2009

Well, that game was crap

Canes lost 4-0 in Game 5.

Let me put it like this - the Canes were playing so bad that I fell asleep during the third period. Of a playoff game. That, my readers, is pretty frickin' bad.

Of course, by sleeping through the last 15 minutes (the last thing I remember before being woken up with 25 seconds left was Erik Cole's stupid delay of game penalty), I missed the Scott Walker sucker punch on Aaron Ward. Walker wasn't suspended for that, only fined, which I guess is good. But it was a stupid, stupid play by Walker. Considering this is the same dude that has been previously suspended for headbutting, I would suggest that Walker take a few deep breaths before getting into it with anyone...

Anyways... yeah, this was a pathetic showing by the Canes. They didn't skate at all, they didn't pressure, they took lame penalties. Everything that the previous three games weren't.

But, the good news is that the Canes now can come back to Raleigh and have another chance to win it. I know the Caniacs will definitely be out in full force - hopefully the Canes will show up this time as well.

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