Friday, May 15, 2009

Scott Walker wins it!

Canes win 3-2 in a thrilling Game 7 overtime!

And guess who scored the series-winner? Yes, our very own sucker-punching Scott Walker! Haha, Boston fans must be livid at that particular outcome.

This game was just great to watch. It was a very closely-played game, just as a Game 7 should be. Both teams played well, and a testament to that statement is the fact that neither team collapsed going down the stretch, and both pushed it to the extra period.

As for overtime? Well, I think this video can describe it better than I can:

Scott Walker's first playoff goal certainly came in a timely fashion, eh?

Now it's off to Pittsburgh to play the Sidney Crosbys the Penguins. First game is next Tuesday (long layoff, anyone?).

Eastern Conference Finals, here we come!

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