Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Here we go again...

Well, the Canes are down 0-1 in another series, having lost last night's game 3-2.

This game wasn't quite as bad as the other first games, but it was still pretty horrible nonetheless. The Penguins first goal was scored after a pretty decent Canes powerplay - the puck got behind said powerplay and Miroslav Satan came out of the box right into a breakaway and scored on Cam.

Then our defense just decided to give up on the period. The Pens scored less than two minutes later, giving them a two goal lead in the first. The Canes never recovered from this early deficit, although they definitely tried, especially in the third period. But, sadly, even the fast last minute rush couldn't save the Canes in this one.

A bright spot for the Canes was definitely Chad LaRose. He had the Canes first goal (thanks to a nice drop pass from my man Erik Cole) and would have had another had that same Erik Cole not pushed Hal Gill into Fleury to prevent Fleury from stopping the puck. Oh well.

Erik Cole actually was playing a very good game - until he left with a possible knee injury. Add Tuomo Ruutu to the possible knee injury list and that's not a very good outlook for Game 2. As of right now, there's no info on either injury - no news is good news, right? Hopefully?

Game 2 is Thursday. Hopefully the Canes can continue their playoff winning pattern *knock on wood*.

Erik Cole stats: 1 assist
Playoffs: 3 assists

Chad LaRose stats: 1 goal
Playoffs: 3 goals, 7 assists

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Will said...

I think the Canes actually played a really good game. If Fleury hadn't been in superstar mode, we probably would have won that game.

I'm a new blogger. Love the info.

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