Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tim Gleason!

Well, that game was a lot better. Canes won the second game against Jersey 2-1 in overtime.

This game had everything the first game lacked. The Canes came out with a fire in their step, and created a huge physical presence from the first minute. The only problem was that the huge emotional burst translated into a lot of stupid penalties taken by the Canes, one of which led to Jersey's only goal.

But, really, I'll take a few penalties in exchange for the fast-paced, in-your-face style of game that was played last night. It was very exciting to watch, and was extremely close throughout.

And, of course, props to Tim Gleason, scoring his first goal of the year to win the game in overtime. Talk about great timing!

I feel really good about this series coming to the RBC Center at 1-1. The Canes got of their postseason jitters out in the first game, and if they can carry the momentum and firey style of play into tomorrow's game, then I really think that we'll be heading back to Jersey with a 3-1 series.

*knock on wood* Of course, this is dependent on the Canes coming out as hyped up as the fans in the stands tomorrow. If the Canes slip back into the Game 1 lethargy, then it won't be very easy to win (or as fun to watch, for that matter).

Game 3 is tomorrow at 7:30!

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