Monday, April 13, 2009

And so it begins...

It just ain't the playoffs until the Canes play the Devils.

Series starts Wednesday and is every other day after that, meaning the first game at the RBC Center is on Sunday (tailgating weather as of right now is 72 and "chance showers").

I feel pretty confident about this series, actually. The Canes have been playing very well recently, and have played New Jersey well all season (Bonus stat: Anton Babchuk has four goals and an assist in four games against the Devils). As long as Cam Ward outplays Martin Brodeur (certainly possible - just check 2006) I think the Canes will win.

Although, nothing is certain, especially with this team's ability to tank at inappropriate times...

As for the rest of the playoff series... meh, whatever. Predicting these things is so overrated (read: I suck at predicting playoff series). Pretty much any other non-Canes hockey we will see is going to involve Ovechkin or Crosby thanks to the national media man-crushes on them.

But, I guess that's good, as I won't have to deal with the stupid in-game reporters reporting stupidly during Canes games. I can handle John and Tripp for a playoff series.

Anyways, my "Hockey Orphan" post is up at Cycle Like the Sedins. And I even have a cool little icon too! See:
Huh. Well, it's not that "little" when I upload it, but whatever... Anyways, check it out - the post actually has an endgame/conclusion, unlike most of the posts around here (including this one).

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