Thursday, November 13, 2008

Canes get Capped

Yes, I stole that headline from the Canes' website, and, yes, I took a screenshot of it, because I feel it is such a headline that should be saved for our posterity's sake.

Actually, I find it hilarious. And I need a laugh after the turn this season has taken...

I believe the "Laviolette Watch" has begun. I wouldn't be surprised if we have a new coach soon. I'm not advocating this - I like Laviolette, don't think he's done anything wrong, necessarily - but something has to get the Canes going in the right direction again.


Two crappy losses against two division rivals. What more can I say?

The Canes just appeared to implode on Sunday against the Thrashers: Luckily, I wasn't watching it, as the game wasn't televised. Listening to it was no walk in the part, though.

We finally have everybody back from injury - Pitkanen, Cullen, and Sutter returned - but they certainly didn't do anything to stop the 5-1 rout by the C[r]apitals. The only one who bothered to show up at all was Scott Walker - at least he has a goal to show for it.

I'm at a loss here. Something needs to happen - somebody needs to pull Staal's head out of his rear, specifically - but we can't go on like this. We have more talent than this - why can't we show it?

Next game is tomorrow against Atlanta. I predict the seat gets extremely hot for Lavi if the Canes have another blowout. Hopefully they won't...

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