Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Well, the third jerseys are 0-1 on the season...

Canes lost in their third jersey debut to the Red Wings 3-1.

I thought the all-black theme was actually kind of cool when they stepped out on the ice with just spotlights and everything. I attempted to catch this neat-o effect with my digital camera, but I instead captured something resembling bread mold spread on my camera lens:

The third jerseys aren't something I would want every night... but every once in a while is fine. (My dad absolutely abhors them... just thought I'd throw that out there.)

That is, they can wear the third jersey as long as they play better than they did last night. I can see why Detroit is the reigning Cup champion - crisp passes, a near-brilliant power play - even Ty Conklin managed to not give one up behind the net to Rod Brind'Amour this time around.

The Canes, on the other hand, looked sloppy. And, for the third straight game, they didn't take advantage of early opportunities and found themselves down early. And this time they didn't come back... not a reliable strategy, especially playing against a team as loaded as Detroit.

And I have two words for Cam Ward: REBOUND CONTROL! Argh! You'd think his pads were made of rubber, with the way the pucks were bouncing all over the place.

The Canes have a brief break, playing next on Friday in LA - they're heading off on their annual State Fair road trip.

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