Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tidbits from around the league

There's a bunch of interesting things going on in the Canes/NHL world.

In order of my open Firefox tabs:

- Matt Murley has reportedly bolted to the Russian KHL, even after signing a two-way deal with the Canes in September.

- In a meld of some of my favorite things, Regan Smith, a NASCAR driver, will be wearing a Canes-themed helmet for this week's race in Charlotte. He will then donate the helmet to the Canes' charity, the Kids 'N Community Foundation, for a charity auction.

- Apparently Rutherford is kind of unhappy with the injury situation, instructing Pete Friesen to make changes to the offseason training regimen. Sounds like a good call to me - I'm sick of seeing players in the press box and not on the bench.

- Blackhawk's forward Ben Eager has been suspended three games for swinging his stick (while he was on the bench) at Sean Avery (who was on the ice).

And, yes, I would have loved to see that. Not that I'm advocating purposefully trying to injure a player... but who wouldn't like to see Avery get pwned?

- Also in news that makes me giggle a little at someone's expense: The Flyers lost their final game at the Spectrum - to their own minor league team.

And, Ladies and Gentlemen, I'll leave you with the happy thought that, no matter how bad things have gone for the Canes, at least we haven't lost to our own farm team.

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