Thursday, October 30, 2008

That's life, I guess...

So, I'm pretty much not going to see about four Canes games in a row.

First one was Tuesday, which was not on TV, when the Canes lost in a shootout 3-2 to the Canadiens. Apparently we're still horrendous at the shootout, not scoring a goal in the shootout.

The second one will (probably) be tonight against the Blues both because it's starts at 8:30 and therefore will not be over before I fall asleep and because most of the night is set aside for dying my hair purple. (Don't hate because I have more school spirit than you...)

Then, the game that I'm the most angry about missing, is the Canes first game at home since mid-October. Yes, the Edmonton Oilers and the best power forward evah! are coming back to town... and I have to be in frickin' Pennsylvania for a 50th wedding anniversary party.

*kicks something*

And then, of course, we'll be driving back Sunday so I'll miss the Sunday Toronto game.

BTW, what is up with all of the Sunday games this month? Haven't these NHL schedulers ever heard of the NFL? Because that's totally going to get people to watch hockey, putting it against the most popular sport in America...

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