Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Thoughts on "the incident"

Wow I feel bad.

Yep, here I am an Erik Cole fan, and I forget to post my annual Remember-What-Happened-Between-Cole-and-Orpik post.

I personally blame the Yahoo reminder system, for looking so much like all of the college spam I'm getting right now.

Anyways... over at Red and Black Hockey there's a post about the incident, and about the Caniac Nation getting over it.

Which leads me to post my own thoughts on the subject, although they won't be nearly as well-written or coherent as d-lee's.

Should I get over it? There are two sides of me on this issue. One screams "NO! NEVER! Remember what Orpik did! He's a jerk! He's a big meanie! BOO! BOO! BOOOOO!!!!"
While the other side says "Ashley, are you really going to take it out on this guy for the rest of his career that he made one bad play?"

Yes. Yes I am.

Well, no, not really.

Um... maybe?

See, even as I'm trying to plan out this post†† I'm having this internal struggle.

Why is it such a big deal?

See, for me, hockey (and by extension blogging) is a way to just relax from all the stresses††† around me. Just as cheering the Canes helps me to cheer up, booing whoever happens to draw my ire helps me to release anger, angst, frustration, whatever.

And, it helps that, although the actions may have been in the past, the person who I am booing did something to deserve all this excess feeling.

So, yeah, that's the convoluted explanation I have. Essentially, I release excess emotion through hockey, and to remove such a large symbol of spite would cause my head to implode on itself.

And that wouldn't be pretty, would it?

Yes, I do refer to people as 'meanie' in my thoughts.
†† Yes, I do actually try to plan out my posts. Mostly it's futile, but I do try.
††† Just because I am a teenager does not mean that my life is not stressed. They may be stresses of a different nature, but they still affect me as they will any person.


Susan Mo said...

I don't think you are petty to take your stress out on a meanie.

I am still pissed at Scott Stevens for taking out Ron Francis and Shane Willis in the playoffs in 2001. Stevens even retired a few years ago!!

There are always those players who will get booed every time they touch a puck at RBC. Orpik will be one of them. It is a good thing - it bonds us as Caniacs!

Ashley said...

Well, thank you!

Ooh... I had forgotten about Stevens.
Well, that makes one precedent for booing.