Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Canes play like crap

Wow, that game was crap.

Canes lost to the Islanders 4-1 yesterday. Here are my notes from the game:

- Refs were absolutely horrible. I swear the Islanders must've paid them off, because all the calls certainly seemed to go in one direction.
- The penalty kill was horrible. Which did not bode well, considering all the penalties the Canes took.
- Ice looked pretty bad in the second, Canes and Islanders slipping everywhere.
- Cullen started the game, but left early because he was "feeling ill".
- Cole needs to drink more coffee or something - it looks like he's missing a little of the jump in his step.
- Grahame didn't look good in goal, but I blame the guys in front of him. A little defense would help your goaltender, guys...
- Seidenberg needs a different hockey stick. I think I counted three sticks broken last night.

Hopefully the Canes got all of their lameness out of their system in 2007...

And in 2008, the first hockey game I watched was the "Winter Classic", which actually sort of lived up to the billing that the NHL gave it. The game was a close game (won in a SO by Sid Crosby) and actually had some offense to it, despite the steady amount of snow falling in Buffalo. I did not envy the players playing in that weather...

First Canes game of '08 is tomorrow against the Thrashers. Hoping for a win in the new year!

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