Thursday, December 20, 2007


Man, I am sooooo hyper right now. Not only did I just get done with my last day of school until 2008 (YaY!) but I also had a pile of chocolate and Pixie Stix. Make me so psyched up for tonight's game against...

...Florida? Scratch that last part.

Actually, add that both Tanabe and LaRose somehow got concussed in the Toronto game, and suddenly the Florida game is impossible to get psyched for. (Frequent games + Injuries/sickness = LAME!)

Although, the team's Florida, and as long as we don't have Brad Watson to call diving penalties, it might not be too bad... (read: Canes win)
Then again, with the way the Canes are playing, who knows how the game will go?

So here's my sugar-induced prediction: Either the Canes or the Panthers will score more goals and win.

Trust me, it's guaranteed to happen.


Susan Mo said...

Well, your sugar induced prediction was correct, but, unfortunately, the Canes lost. It has been a tough month to be a Caniac. Let's hope 2008 is better!

Happy Holidays!

Ashley said...

I told you it was guaranteed! :)

Happy Holidays to you as well!