Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cullen hurt; Canes lose

Canes lost 4-2 to the Rangers last night.

Matt Cullen got viciously hit by Colton Orr (who came all the way across the ice to hit Cullen - Orr was called for interference, but the puck was there so it should have been something else), probably has a broken nose and a possible concussion.

I watched some of the second on FSN, then switched over to Chuck K on the radio, so I didn't see the Rangers score 3 goals in the third (and I honestly wasn't paying too much attention to it, trying to get the new computer to recognize that, yes, it is connected to the internet - speaking of which, my blog looks really weird on a widescreen monitor...) and I didn't see Sean Avery be a punk and throw punches at Ladd when the linesman was in the way.

I was lucky enough to see the first shorthanded goal of the season by Scott Walker. That's pretty pathetic, into December and scoring only one shorthanded.

Next game is tomorrow against Boston. Will have to see if Cullen is out for that one - if so, injuries are certainly starting to take their toll...

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