Thursday, October 04, 2007


Canes lost their first game in overtime 3-2.

The game was a huge disappointment. The first period was absolutely great, Erik Cole starting off the season's scoring with a tipped Eric Staal shot on the power play. After that period, though, the play just went downhill. In the second there was a noticable lack of intensity, and the third wasn't much better until the Canadiens scored their second goal of the night. After that the Canes seemed to wake up, Bret Hedican scoring to tie it up and send it into overtime.

But then, in overtime, Niclas Wallin took a stupid cross-checking penalty, and Saku Koivu scored the winning goal for Montreal.

To recap:
The Good:
- Cam Ward is looking pretty awesome right now.
- Ditto for Erik Cole.

The Bad:
- Whitney missed at least two point-blank shots in the first period. By point-blank I mean I could've knocked the puck in.
- Penalty kill. All 3 of Montreal's goals were scored on the man advantage - what happened there? It was looking fine in the preseason...

This was the Canes game to lose. And guess what? They lost it. Not a good sign by any means...

Next game is tomorrow against Pittsburgh. I plan to post something, but if not - guess who's playing for the Pens? That's right, the despised one: Brooks Orpik. For those not familiar with why he's despised check this post.
Anyways... I can guarantee you that I'm hoping Cole gets a hat trick just for spite. Or, if not, at least a win. A win would be good.

Erik Cole stats: 1 goal
On the season: 1 goal


Jake said...

Being a blog praising Erik Cole, do you ever say he is not looking "awesome?" lol... just a thought. Erik has done pretty good so far, but I'd like to see him pass more.

As far as the 3 goals on the PK go, Montreal had the best power play in the league last year... I think that explains it pretty well.

"this was the Canes game to lose"... ? Um, what? What the hell does that mean? Also, while it does look very similar to a season-opening game from last year, I would give it time before we assume that the Canes will follow that same road this season.

Ashley said...

Um... no, I never "say" that. I just sort of gloss over it. (Unless it's a really stupid move. But that hasn't happened yet.)

But our penalty kill was one of the best last year too...

I mean that the Canes had a ton of momentum coming out of the first period, and they just lost all of that momentum in the second. Had the Canes capitalized more in the first (a Ray Whitney goal for example), the Canes would have had a better chance of winning.