Saturday, September 29, 2007

142 Penalty Minutes = Good Game

Wow, last night's game was exciting.

First of all, I have a hard time calling it a "game" because, in actuality, there was more fighting going on than actual playing. I mean, there were 142 penalty minutes handed out! One fight, with 22.6 seconds left in the second, caused the teams to go into intermission early, and play the rest of the second period after the second intermission!

As for the actal hockey - Columbus went ahead in the second 1-0, but Erik Cole tipped a shot in the third to tie it up! The game ended up going into a shootout - it took nine rounds to finally get a goal - luckily, it was Andrew Ladd that knocked in the winning shot!

This marks the first shootout goal in what, almost a year? Pretty pathetic, when you think about it.
Really disappointed that Matt Cullen didn't score in the shootout - um, isn't that one of the reasons we brought him back?

Other thoughts:
- Cam looked spectactular in goal - especially facing 9 shooters at the end.
- Man, #55 for Columbus (Ole-Kristian Tollefsen - what kind of name is that?) is a real punk. I swear half of those fights occured when he was out there.
- Power play's crap, as usual.
- Penalty kill looked pretty good.
- Another goal for Cole - it's looking to be a good season for him so far!

Well, that's it for now. Opening night's on Wednesday!

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