Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Trails, Vasicek

To add to the string of ex-Cane movement around the league, Josef Vasicek was signed by the New York Islanders for a one-year, $750,000 contract.

Well, I guess Vasicek wasn't technically an "ex-Cane" because he was still with the team at the end of the season. Although, considering all he contributed to the team (2 goals, 7 assists, and a -6), he might as well have stayed in Nashville.

Granted, Vasicek is a good player, but the last few years didn't seem to pan out for him in the Carolina style of play. Of course, this could be because he never fully recovered from his knee injury back in late '05. After he returned, he never seemed to be on the same page as everyone else out on the ice

Maybe New York will work out for him.

Anyways... Blogger polls finally stopped PMS-ing and decided to function correctly... So, the poll still is "How many points will Eric Staal score this season?"


Smith said...

This is way off-topic, but I wanted you to know I just got your AP project questions yesterday. I answered them here.

Ashley said...

Thank you! I was aware of this, but my server was down, so I couldn't post a thank-you comment right away...