Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Come on Ottawa! We want a Game 6!

Today Anaheim could win the Cup.

On Monday, they won 3-2 over the Senators. The first period of this game was absolutely Ottawa's game, holding the Ducks to only 2 shots.

Then, due to my massive headache, I fell asleep, only to wake up during the second of Anaheim's second period goals. I groggily stared at the TV, heard "two goals in a minute" and decided it was time to go to bed.

So, then I missed Daniel Alfredsson "shoot" the puck at Scott Niedermayer to end the second period. (YouTube footage!) Pretty class-less move by "Alfie".

Anyways... Ottawa needs to win, or this series will end at five.

(I think I do a pretty good job of stating the obvious.)

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