Monday, May 07, 2007

Worlds news

World Championship news:

USA totally kicked Germany's behind 3-0 on Saturday. Erik Cole had assists on all the goals! YaY Erik!

On Sunday, Eric Staal scored two goals in Canada's win.

And today, sadly, USA lost to Canada 6-3. Cam Ward was in goal for Canada, and John Grahame for the Americans for two periods. Commodore had an assist, and Eric Staal had two assists for the Canadians.

NHL news:

Rangers lost their series with Buffalo. The only series yet to be decided is the Detroit/San Jose series, Detroit leading 3-2.

That's it for now.

*EDIT 6:32 PM* Gah! Not the best power forward evah! From the Canes website:

Erik Cole also had a rough time, as he had to leave the game with an apparent lower-body injury after an unusual play in the second period. With Canada's Jamal Mayers bent down to pick up his dropped stick, Cole inadvertently skated into him, causing Cole to crumple and immediately be helped off the ice.
And I thought the offseason was miserable before...

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