Monday, April 02, 2007

News and stuff

News today in the NHL: The New Jersey Devils fired coach Claude Julien with less than a week left in the season. GM Lou Lamoriello will step in as coach.
Why? I have no idea. No one actually addresses the "why" factor in the article.

As for the Canes, things aren't so tumultuous, but they certainly are coming down to the wire. They are currently in 10th place with 86 points, two behind Montreal, one behind Toronto, and two ahead of the Islanders.

I have made a pact with myself that I will not think about the future on this matter. I will only report on what has happened. This way I don't get my hopes too far up - if you're negative, you feel even better when things go positively, right?

Oh... and the N&O reports that Tim Gleason will more than likely be out with a broken finger. Great. Just what we need, another defenseman out.

Anyways... today is the first birthday of this blog. Yes, on April 2, 2006, I posted my first post evah!
Thanks to all those read this blog - it makes me feel special to know that people actually read what I write.

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