Sunday, April 22, 2007

Imbecilic. Just imbecilic.

So I watched two games this weekend: the Detroit-Calgary game yesterday and the Tampa-New Jersey game today.

The Detroit-Calgary game was a blow-out by Detroit, starting with the second period. But, the... exciting period, I guess you could say... was the third period.

It all started with Jamie McClennan whacking Johan Franzen in the stomach with his goalie stick. If you haven't seen it yet, go here.
A horrible, "imbecilic", low move by the backup goalie.

Sadly, this was only part of it. Then, Jarome Iginla the captain of the Calgary Flames just continues to cross-check/stab the Red Wings player who is nowhere near the puck as they're coming down the ice. (Sorry, no video for that one.)

This game actually made me feel sorry for the Red Wings. You know that the Flames played bad if I'm actually siding with a team from Detroit.

McClennan was suspended for five games, the Calgary coach was fined $25,000, and the organization was fined $100,000.

Anyways... the Tampa/Jersey game was a lot less vicious, but the outcome still wasn't the one that I wanted. Tampa lost 3-2, and they had absolutely no chances in the last three minutes of the game to even try to tie it up. Jeez, I've never seen such ineptitude when the goalie is pulled (I'm looking at you as well, Atlanta Game 2). At least the Canes manage to get it into the offensive zone...


Now I need to find a new foster team...

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