Friday, March 02, 2007

O! The Amazing-Power-Forward-Spirit!

Canes play Pittsburgh tonight.

If Erik Cole was expected to play tonight, I would be yammering on without end about the Cole v. Orpik #3 matchup.
But sadly, Cole is on injured reserve with a torn hip muscle.

I am wearing my Erik Cole t-shirt today because, even though the matchup is not taking place, the horrendous hit Orpik had on Cole 363 days ago has not been forgotten by me (and hopefully none of you Caniacs out there has forgotten it either). Perhaps, by wearing my favorite t-shirt in the entire world, the Amazing-Power-Forward-Spirit of Cole will infuse the Hurricanes with a blowout win over the Penguins.

And this team could definitely use some Amazing-Power-Forward-Spirit right now.

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magnolia_mer said...

I'm with ya! Here's to boundless optimisim and positive energy! :-)