Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hurricane strikes; Sharks found dead on beach

Canes won 6-4 over the San Jose Sharks last night.

Game was a pretty good showing for the Canes. The came out blazing, scoring three goals in the first period, causing the Sharks goalie, Nabokov, to be pulled at the start of the second. They maintained the three-goal goal lead throughout the second, and weathered the Sharks attempt at a comeback.

I feel really good about the Canes play. Not only did they gain a quick lead, but they were able to hold off the Sharks, who were 8-0-2 coming into the game. And, they achieved another power play goal!

I don't feel really good about the Sharks. They were extremely cheap and left a bad taste in my mouth throughout the whole game. Especially when that Clowe guy rammed Erik Cole into the boards. I pretty much lost respect for them after this game. I can't really remember specific incidents, but it was all of this stuff that was behind the play or when the Canes player was looking the other way.

Actually, I'm getting pretty incensed with the refs in general recently. They let the most obvious infractions go uncalled, but they call the stuff that is barely a penalty. Pretty pathetic really.

Canes are still in 8th, tied with Montreal, but we have the tie-breaker.

Erik Cole stats: 1 goal
On the season: 27 goals, 29 assists

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