Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ooh, questions make my head hurt

Man, I have a headache.

Of course, this isn't made any better by the fact that the Canes lost to the Avalanche 5-2.
Another fact that doesn't make me feel any better, is that the Canes had a 2-1 lead in the third, but let Colorado score four consecutive goals (the last three on the powerplay) in the third period!

What the heck is the problem here?

What happened to the penalty kill?

Why are we taking these penalties?

How could we not even win one out of four?

How are we a -4 in the Goals For/Goals Against ratio (what is that stat called, anyways?) when we have 6 players with ten goals apiece, and 4 who have already reached 30+ points?

How can the Canes solve their problems?

Man, my head hurts.

At least Stillman is already contributing, earning an assist last night.
At least this is the end of the Western road trip, so I can finally be able to watch the games at a decent hour.
At least... well, that's about it for the good news right now.

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