Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Weekes should be thanking Mr. Goalpost

Canes win 2-1.

Kevin Weekes should be thanking the goal post that it wasn't more lopsided - Canes hit the post 4 times in the game.

Overall, a really good game. Carolina played well and didn't take too many stupid penalties.
The first goal was scored in the first by Craig Adams, with help from a net-crashing Babchuk, and a shooting LaRose.
The second Canes goal was scored in the third on a sweet shot by Rod Brind'Amour.

Matt Cullen looked like the best player out there for the Rangers - which is saying something, with a team that has Jagr on its roster.
Staal is looking like one of the crappier players for the Canes - which is saying something, with a team that was playing a defensive pairing of Hutchinson and Tanabe. Staal isn't skating, isn't really doing anything close to his potential, only had two shots in that game (one less than Letowski, which is also saying something).

Will post more tomorrow. I'm glad the Canes got the win.

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