Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Canes lose in a game they should've won

Canes lost in a shootout 3-2.

The Canes absolutely, without a doubt, should've won that game last night. There was absolutely no reason for it to go into a shootout.

The whole game was primarily evenly played. Both teams had chances, and it was tied 1-1 from the middle of the second to about five minutes left in the third. Both teams had their chances, and Brodeur and Ward were absolutely awesome goaltenders.
Then, Rod Brind'Amour scored (on an assist from my main man Erik Cole) at the 15:45 mark of the third to put it ahead 2-1.
All the Canes had to do was hold off the Devils for a little more than four minutes.
Brind'Amour gets a penalty, Canes kill it off, so everything thing is looking peachy for the last minute, right?
Nope, Devils knock one in with a minute left.
The Canes were leading!

The Canes played a good overtime period, but the puck just didn't want to go in the net. (maybe because Marty Broudeur was in the way most of the time...)
Then comes the shootout - the Canes have lost both of their shootouts this season - I partially blame Matt Cullen for leaving, and Wiliams, Whitney, Staal, Cole, and Walker for failing to score. (Look at that list of names - you would think someone would be able to put the puck in the back of the net.)
Cam Ward is good, though, so I can't fault him for the shootout.

The thing that really just makes me mad is that the Canes should've won - they definitely had the opportunity - but they didn't.
As Rod Brind'Amour was quoted in the AP article:
"We should have won this," Brind'Amour said. "We started running around in the last minute of the hockey game, which we shouldn't have been doing."

Erik Cole stats: 1 assist
On the season: 3 goals, 9 assists

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