Monday, October 09, 2006

Canes Fight and Letters to Representatives

Canes apparently had a fight at practice between Kevyn Adams and Bret Hedican. Adams got cut above his eye.
Hopefully Laviolette is working them to the bone, and this... fighting spirit will carry them to victory.

Meanwhile, I'm in between writing letters to my representatives for Civics. I got through the Senator one pretty good (topic: Net Neutrality), but what am I supposed to write to the state legislature? Nothing important ever happens in the state.
Here's an idea:

Dear State Legislator,
Isn't that fight between Adams and Hedican both really cool and stupid at the same time? I mean, it's awesome that they're all fired up to win, but, couldn't they beat on someone who's trying to prevent them winning?
Please send me your predictions for the 2006-2007 NHL season, or I won't vote for you. EVER!

...Yeah... Don't think I'll be getting a response on that.

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