Thursday, September 21, 2006

Of Safety Scissors and Red-White Games

Today I learned why they make things called "safety scissors". But that bloody story will be put off until after the hockey news.
Yes, there is a (relative) abundance of hockey news today.

Let's start off with the Canes' intra-squad Red-White game. The White team won 5-4 in a shootout.
Justin Williams was hit in the face with the puck, but Laviolette said after the game that he didn't know if it was serious or not.
Erik Cole was playing defense throughout the game, so that he could get used to the position in case the defensive line gets even thinner. *shivers* Goodness, I hope that doesn't happen.
The article on the Canes site (linked to above) says this about Tverdovsky:
One player who logged a lot of ice time on the point was Oleg Tverdovsky, who was benched for most of the 2006 postseason but could be a key cog on the power play early in the season.

“I’ve been at the point on the power play pretty much the whole career,” Tverdovsky said. “It’s just a matter of getting my confidence back. That’s pretty important. I feel like I’m hitting my spots timing-wise. If I get the chance, I have to get it done.”
If Tverdovsky does play better, it will be one step forward to not having to see Cole play D.
So, things appear to be going pretty good for the Canes. Tomorrow we'll really see what they go like against other teams because it's the first preseason game. (Hooray! Live hockey!)

Meanwhile, Evgeni Malkin, the refugee from Russia that enveloped hockey news throughout the summer, dislocated his shoulder in a preseason game yesterday. The injury isn't expected to hinder him from the start of the season, but that's never a good sign, to have a superstar injured in his first game.

I believe that's all the pressing hockey news. On to the riveting story of my crippling injury...

So, I'm working on a project in Civics, and there's this cardboard box sitting there in all it's evilness. I have to cut a "door" (we were making a 3-D museum) into the box. So I take the scissors, and I hold them so I can puncture the box with one side.
So I puncture the box, and begin to drag the scissors down like a makeshift box cutter. Well, being the smart, intelligent, practical person that I am, I manage to grip the scissors the wrong way and the blade slices my thumb, currently inhibiting me from gripping anything without the scab over it ripping apart.

In conclusion: Today I learned that safety scissors were made, not to protect little toddlers and their craft projects, but to keep safe teenagers trying to cut doors into boxes.
My group members, in turn, learned to never give me any sharp, pointy, cutting object without blood-absorbing tissues at the ready.


Anonymous said...

You know, You really do take after me in almost all rerspects. Remember that knives are best left out of my reach....

Anonymous said...

yo whats up. learn to use scissors!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley said...

make me!