Monday, September 25, 2006

Green Bay wins - Canes don't

The Canes drop to 0-3 in preseason play. The Green Bay Packers currently have a better record. (1-2, Green Bay getting its first win yesterday, with Favre becoming the second QB to throw 400 touchdowns (the other QB being Dan Marino)).

The Canes lost 4-2 to Columbus. I managed to catch some of the game on the radio. Canes kept it close, tied up at zero until 5 mins into the second. Game sounded pretty solid until the Canes gave up two goals in about two minutes in the third, at which time I declared "I'm NOT listening to this game anymore!" Which was good because it would've made me angry to hear them lose.

Giving up successive goals quickly seems to be a theme this preseason - hopefully it won't go into October. *begins to hum 'Wake Me Up When September Ends'*

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