Saturday, September 23, 2006

Canes drop first preseason game

Canes lost 5-4 to the Nashville Predators.

The thing that sticks out at me most is how horrible Tverdovsky was. He was a -3 at the end of the game. He looked completely lost in the defensive zone. He did look kind of okay on the power play, but I take a defenseman who can play defense but doesn't score over a defenseman who can shoot the puck but doesn't play defense. The worst part, is that the Canes can't even try to trade him and his 2.5 mil contract (stupid, stupid signing) if he keeps playing like this.

Another thing that sticks out at me is how Vasicek scored the game-winning goal for Nashville. Why couldn't he do that with the Canes last year, eh?

Cam Ward was so-so. The first goal he let in was his fault, but some of the others he couldn't do anything about them. He made some spectactular saves, but then was okay on some other shots. I think, though, that he just had to get the cobwebs out of his system, and he'll be back to top form in the next game.

All the older players that played looked good ('cept Tverdovsky, of course). Cole, Whitney, Brind'Amour, Commodore - it's all good.

The new/young players that stuck out at me were:
Andrew Ladd - this kid is going to have a good year as long as he stays healthy
Shane Willis - looked pretty good, like he was skating pretty well.
David Gove - this dude is fast. Saw him accelerate up the ice and was like "Whoa."
Harrison Reed - Whenever I see/hear his name, I think "Harrison Ford"

My overlasting impression is that this is a preseason game: the score doesn't matter, the players do. And the only player that left me with a bad taste in my mouth is Tverdovsky.

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