Thursday, August 10, 2006

No Longer Shafted by Network TV!

Yes, the national tv spots came out yesterday. The Canes have 4 OLN spots and 2 NBC spots.
The dates are these:
Oct 4 v. Buffalo (only 55 days away!) OLN
Oct 16 at Tampa Bay OLN
Oct 21 at Islanders OLN
Nov 7 at New Jersey OLN
Mar 4 at Atlanta NBC
Mar 11 at Rangers NBC

So the Canes are no longer shafted by the big networks. Interesting, though, is that there's only one home game being televised nationally, and that's the banner-raising one (55 days!). I wonder if the big networks were scared away by the loudness of the Caniacs during the playoffs. I mean, I guess their theory is that people actually want to hear what their announcers say.

What I don't get is OLN changing it's name to Versus. I mean, I know they don't want to be known as "Outdoor Life Network" when it's main money-bringer is no longer outside. But "Versus"? It sounds so... ugly. I mean, say "OLN" out loud and then say "Versus". Doesn't OLN just roll off the tongue, while Versus gets stuck in your throat until you cough it out? (Yuck, nasty imagery.) I mean, maybe there's a reason that a lot of the networks are letters that stand for something: they just sound better. ABC, NBC, CBS, TNT, TBS, ESPN, FSN - you can't go wrong with that many networks (and I probably missed some). But "Versus" - not cool.
Therefore, I will never use the name "Versus" to describe the network. In fact I will attempt to never type the horrid word again. I will use "OLN", or perhaps something wittier like "The Network Formerly Known As OLN", or, something even more clever that I come up with at a later date.
Down with Versus! Up with acronyms!

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