Thursday, July 06, 2006



Yeah... I just felt like typing that. I just got up about an hour ago, and the brain is still trying to wake up.

Hockey News: None concerning the Canes, excluding the fact that Erik Cole was resigned. But I already explained that in this post.
Eddie Olczyk will be the new lead hockey analyst for NBC. I think that's pretty good because he seemed to be a good broadcaster in the few NBC covered hockey games that I watched.
NHL arbitration lists have been released. I know very little about the process, except that the team argues what money it wants to give the player, and the player argues about what he wants to get. Then the arbitrator decides for something in the middle. I think that if the two sides still don't want to agree the player becomes an unrestricted free agent. (?) What I do know, though, is that Buffalo having 12 players up for arbitration is not a good thing (that's half their team!). The Canes have none.

France won their game in the World Cup. Therefore, I will be cheering avidly for Italy in the Final.


I'm wearing my new Carolina Hurricanes Stanley Cup Champions t-shirt today. Would've worn it earlier except it's black and black & heat do not go together well.

18 days till July 24th!

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