Monday, July 10, 2006

Soccer is Ugly

Today there actually is some hockey news. Brendan Shanahan ditched the Red Wings for the Rangers, signing a 4 mil, one year contract with them.

Italy defeated France for the World Cup. I was watching the beginning of the game until France scored on a penalty kick they didn't deserve. I promptly turned off the TV, resigning in protest at all the diving the stupid sport allows. Seriously, these players don't even get touched, and they fall to the ground in agony, and then the ref gives the team who didn't do anything the penalty because the player is a good actor.
This is why I watch hockey, I guess.
Anyways, I caught the highlights on ESPN later. Italy scored, and it went into OT, when this beautiful play by the French captain went down. (and I say that with dripping sarcasm)

Lovely, absolutely lovely. I'll keep my anti-French comments to myself.

Anyways... game went to penalty kicks and Italy won.
The world cup trophy is ugly. Nowhere near the beautiful silver of Lord Stanley's Cup.

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