Wednesday, July 12, 2006

NHL Schedules Released

The NHL released the 2006-2007 regular season schedules today.
I'm not typing out the whole schedule. I just refuse. If you want to see it click here.
Games I am looking forward to:
Wed. Oct 4 Home v. Buffalo: OPENING NIGHT! (Why is it on a Wednesday, though? Wednesday is such a crappy day!)
Sat. Oct 14 Away v. Pittsburgh: The first of four Cole v. Orpik match-ups (smiles evily)
Sat. Nov 11 Home v. Pittsburgh: The second installment of Cole v. Orpik - this one's at home! (smiles even more evily)
Wed. Dec 6 Away v. Edmonton: Stanley Cup rematch... except it's just the regular season
Eh... that's about it for now.
No Detroit game - interesting, the Canes always seemed to land one of those every year.
Thank goodness the end of the season isn't like last season - where we played four games in a row against the C[r]apitals - man, that was awful.
I wonder how many national TV spots the Canes landed?

May the countdown to the Opening Night begin!

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