Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Blah version 3.0

No new Canes signings.

Jeremy Roenick was signed by the Phoenix Coyotes. What happened to Canada? I thought you were dying to play there, Jeremy.
Such a hypocrite.

The World Cup is, apparently, still going on. Italy beat Germany yesterday 2-0. France plays Portugal today. I'm pulling for anyone but France.

That hotdog-eating dude (Kobayashi) won his sixth straight championship by eating 53 and 3/4 hotdogs in twelve minutes. That's another new record. Is it just me, or does he break his own record every year?
Actually the thought of eating that fast makes me sick. Man, I'm lucky if I finish two hot dogs in that time, let alone 53 and 3/4!

In other, irrelevant news, I'm attempting to learn HTML. Yeah... attempting being the operative word.

My birthday is on the 24th. That's 19 days away.

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