Thursday, June 08, 2006

Canes shutout Edmonton!!!!

I am really angry with my computer right now. First blogger is down, delaying my post. Then the stinking browser just closes all of a sudden, while I'm in the middle of making a post. And the 'recover post' button didn't work. So I'm not happy right now, because I don't want to retype this.
But I will.

Canes won 5-0!!!! This was Cam Ward's second shutout of the playoffs. Not as spectactular as the other night (still awesome, though!) but, then again, he didn't need to be with the Canes blocking twenty-some shots.
The Canes came out skating in the first, much better than Game 1. Andrew Ladd set off the scoring in the first with his second goal of the playoffs. The Canes then scored two in the second, and two in the third as the Oilers self-destructed.
The refs appeared to be pretty fair - not necessarily that great - but at least they called things even.
One call I agree with 100% was the boarding/game misconduct penalties given to Georges Laraque for checking Andrew Ladd from behind into the boards. Checking from behind is NEVER okay. NEVER. You can seriously injure someone by doing that, not to mention it isn't the most sportsmanlike thing to do. I love the physicality of hockey, but I HATE when guys do dirty things like that. Check legally, or don't check at all.

So, the Canes are up 2-0 in the series, but don't count out the Oilers. They've come from behind before (Detroit series). I expect them to come out skating when they play in their own building. My only advice for the Canes would be to expect the surge of emotion from Edmonton and run with it. Continue blocking shots and doing pretty good on defense and the game will be won. (with a little help from our forwards and Cam Ward) (Speaking of forwards, where did Eric Staal go? He hasn't done anything recently and he missed several opportunties that someone of his talent definitely should've knocked in the back of the net.) Oh yeah, and slam Laraque into the boards while you're at it. (Legally, of course.)
Game 3 on Saturday.

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