Monday, May 15, 2006

Canes win 4-1

Canes win 4-1. Oddly, this could apply to either the game's score, or the series score.
This game was a really good game by the Canes. As Coach Laviolette put it:

"Quite honestly, that may have been the best executed game we've played all year"

I completely agree with him. The New Jersey offense was absolutely stagnant, getting only seven shots on goal for the last two periods. The Canes buckled down on defense, and it paid off for them.
Cory Stillman went down late in the third. No real diagnosis has been released, the article on the Canes site saying it wasn't that bad, but this article says it's a "lower body injury"
One problem, with the game were the refs. Several blatant calls were missed, and the Devils had no first period penalties compared to the Canes four. Mike Leggo and Michael McGeough, I hope you never ref in the NHL again!

So, the Canes are set for a series against the Buffalo Sabres. I honestly don't know too much about their players, but I do figure that this will be a tight series. (As the announcers on various stations have said WAY too many times) the Canes and the Sabres are both skating teams, and are modeled like each other. I am also pretty sure they play in a place called the HSBC arena. Which isn't real important, but you gotta know where your team's gonna play, right?

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